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    2020-09-13 19:22



    one day, cat is in the basket. it's very lazy. it is sleeping. now the cat's food is beside the cat. one mouse is very hungry. it is eating the cat's food. the cat's food is so yummy.

    the cat wakes up. he is behind the mouse. he wants to catch the mouse. so,he is chasing the mouse. the mouse is afraid. he jumps onto the door. but, the door is high. the cat can't catch the mouse. the mouse is under the chair now. it is running.the cat still can't catch the mouse. the mouse runs fast. it runs into the hole. the hole is small. but, the cat is big. it can't go into the hole. so, the cat is angry and tired. it is crying. it's very sad. but the mouse is very happy!六年级优秀英语作文2

    I am Jack. My Chinese name is Xiao Yang .I am a boy . I am eleven years old . I was born in Hainan on 1st October ,1996 .

    I am a student . I am in YuYing primary school . I am in Class 9, Grade 6 .

    I am good at Math , English and P.E . I have taken part in public English Test System (Level 1) and passed .

    I like sports . I like playing basketball , football , badminton , golf and snooker . I play badminton very well . I have a badminton train after school on Tuesdays ,Thursdays and Saturdays .

    This is a boy who I am .

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